Friday, April 30, 2010

Requirements for Your Blog

  • Create links on their pages, some of which must use words instead of raw URLs.  
  • Create at least one picture or iframe on their page. 
  • Create a link or an iframe to a Google Docs file. 
  • Remove any of the preset gadgets that their site doesn't need.
  • Show evidence of a design concept; a pattern that they use to order their site.
  • Use links IN THE BODY OF THEIR TEXT in their blog post.
  • Use at least one picture in their blog post.
  • Provide a link to at least one downloadable file (can be from Google Docs)
  • Use traditional grammar, spelling, and punctuation throughout
  • Comment on the website of each other student in class.  

You will be writing a short paper explaining the purpose of every element of your page. Your purposes don't have to be "important", they just have to BE. This paper has no specified length; it is done when you have finished explicating your site. You may post this paper to your blog instead of turning it in in paper if you wish.

The project is due May 20th.