Monday, August 30, 2010

The Last Day the Man Talks

this is dead;
The last thing about the last thing said
a goodbye and a hello
to times so far a head
can't even think them yet
which hasn't been there.

we would show you;
You would show us up:
looking for the last lost trail -
might be better/might be a fuller cup.

Do you see
at least that you don't see
at least then you know your search might end
where ours did; the ones ahead by time's design,
for in some things there is no end,
and in others, nothing but.

IF you come to where we all are sooner or later
(hope you come here sooner)
Stopped at the edge of one limit by this unseen limiter
Peering out, 
Please note the nebulous notions not yet near
In time, your youth nearly spent, yearning here 
will yield yields you cannot now know.

what I'm trying to say is interest
is in the eye of the eyer;
Nothing is of little note but that which is not noted.

the world's a narrow well with no bottom,  
and your mind 

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